Park Güell – Gaudí’s playground

Incredible architecture, beautiful fountains, dazzling colours, spectacular views, interesting museums – Gaudi’s Park Guëll has it all. It's a real gem in the centre of Barcelona and perfect for a more relaxed day out. Find out what you can expect to find when you visit this architectural triumph.

Your full guide to Barcelona’s beaches

Spending a day at Barcelona beach is a must-do experience on a trip to the city, especially in the upcoming summer months. The beaches offer something for everyone, whether you want to relax or party. Read our guide to the seven individual beaches to figure out what one will suit you best.

Experience Stand Up Paddle Surf- the New Wave of Surfing

Ever wanted to try surfing, but never quite plucked up the courage to hit the waves? Well, with the power of a paddle, SUP is the ultimate way to wash away your worries and get you UP on the board!
Picnic basket by langalex

Barcelona’s five best picnic spots

Barcelona is blessed with good weather all year round, so it's the perfect place to pack up a hamper and have a picnic outdoors. We show you five of our favourite spots around the city to enjoy a packed lunch with friends.

Original Tapas Cycling Tour with Born Bike Tours Barcelona

Bornbike offers a special Tapas Cycling Tour for lovers of history, art and gastronomy. Discover the historical heart of Barcelona, a selection of wonderful Modernist works and enjoy some delicious tapas.

Best beach clubs in Barcelona

Barcelona is renowned for its crazy nightlife and the beach clubs are one of the city’s most unique and popular attractions. To help you choose which one to head to first, here is a run-down of the best beach clubs in the city.

A guide to Barcelona’s ‘chiringuito’ beach bars

They might have a strange name but Barcelona's 'chiringuitos' are an ever-popular feature on the city's beach scene. Whether you're after a sunny spot to relax or somewhere a-buzz with nightlife, read our rundown of top sites by the sea.

Off-beach sunbathing in Barcelona

Bored of the beach? Never fear - Barcelona's bursting at the seams with alternative places to get a sun tan. Read on to find out about some of our favourite spots to soak up those rays, including parks, pools and decks.
hikes around Barcelona - Gowithoh

Walk your socks off around Barcelona’s hills

Barcelona’s exceptional location is its greatest strength, with the Collserola Mountains offering not just a backdrop to life in the city, but the ideal setting for a quick escape to the country. All in the space of an afternoon. Join us as we head to the hills to see what Barcelona's great outdoors has to offer.

Fitness in Barcelona- your guide to jogging, cycling and skating routes

Many people come to Barcelona merely to relax, put their feet up and enjoy the wonderful sights of the city, while others like to keep fit on their holidays. Whatever you have in mind, we’ve come up with this guide to fitness in Barcelona to suit your specific needs.